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This is me

Hello, I am Lynda Law

My Story So Far


The press describes me, Lynda Law, as a unique white soul voiced singer from England. I had two chart hits in UK/Europe with "Somebody Somewhere" and

"I Don't Want Your Love" (WauMrModo/Perfecto/RCA labels).

CLICK HERE for my CHART HIT "I Don't Want Your Love"

CLICK HERE for my CHART HIT "Somebody Somewhere"


I have won the talent programme Sky Star Search which was televised all over the world.


Other of my achievements include supporting some of the best acts in the World:

  • Edwin Starr
  • Jimmy James
  • The Drifters
  • George MacRae
  • Gino Vannelli


I have sang in the USA on the Gino Vannelli album "Inconsolable Man" where I was featured on three

tracks including "Moment To Moment" which was a worldwide hit.

CLICK HERE for the video of "Moment To Moment"


As from September 2017 I am being solely managed by the wonderful Ferry De Wolf, my Belgian genius.


Under his management I released 3 music videos:

October 2017 : I Look To You

December 2017 : Don't Cry For Me

February 2018 : Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love


Further new releases are to follow in 2018.


As well as being a first-take recording artist I am also quite successful as a radio presenter. I was building a growing worldwide listener base on fylde coast radio every Tuesday and Friday Morning.

Since a while I am on Studio FM Music (Belgium), More Music Radio (Spain) and on Mixcloud with The Lynda LAW Radio Show


I play specialized Soul/Jazz/Funk, and Ilike promoting new talent to the music industry by air-play and also by Vlogs and review work.


Being a songwriter helping other artists out with their creative talents is what I love to do best


How it all started

Well........music has been in my blood for as long as I can remember actually.

I started singing and learned to play the electric organ when I was 7 and never let it go after that Music has become a main part of me since then.

I first performed professionally at the age of 12 and decided to pursue a career in music when I turned 15.


I took part in many talent shows and audition events with nothing than willpower on my part.

Until one night I got noticed by a talent agent


But I was the kind of approaching person.

I DID want to sing with Gino Vannelli, so I contacted him, explained who I was and what I stood for in music.

And Gino invited me to Los Angeles to sing a duet with him for his album 'Inconsolable Man', a single called Moment To Moment


I also approached superstars like Jimmy James, The Drifters, Edwin Starr and George MacRae.


Not only did I sing with those wonderful performers, I also had 2 chart hits.

No full album yet, but I am working on that.


My idol in music is Anita Baker but I am personally influenced by any soul based performer that touches my heart. Anyone that has longevity:


  • Anita Baker
  • Jennifer Holliday
  • Santana
  • Gino Vannelli
  • Anything funky actually


I love to sing soul or funk but I can sing most kinds of music really.


My musical acievements so far:


  • I won the Chartburst number 1 Singer & Song
  • The Newcomer Award at DME
  • Articles about me have been published in Melody Maker, NME, The Record, The Mirror, The News Of The World, and many more....


Do I still have time for hobbies ?

Well yes, I like to drive my car, I like to read and write music for fun.

And I am always looking out for good music to play on my radio show



Le Mirage, Venice

The Ramada, California USA

Camden Palace, London

Grand Prix, Monaco

& many prestigious events in Paris, Tunisia,...



Live events in France and Spain



Live events all over the UK and Europe

Participant on The Voice UK



Live events all over the UK



Live events all over the UK



Paris tour : Le Grande Dame Ball (France)

Tej Marhaba, Sousse (Tunisia)



Soul singer Live events all over the UK



Grand Prix Events (France)







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